Who we are

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ZAMBONI COMPANY, with 50 years of experience, passion and know how in the drilling trade and soil testing equipment, is pleased to bring his production to your attention.

We produce casings (three principles and rotation), simple core barrel and double core T2, T6, T6S, reductions, special spanners for double core barrel and other tools; we also produce equipment for drilling probes and any type of core bits and shoes for all your needs.

Some examples of our equipment:

Core barrels (simple, T2, T6, T6S)

Core bits (simple, T2, T6, T6S)

Diamond core bits

Core lifter cases (simple, T2, T6, T6S)

Core lifter (simple, T2, T6, T6S)

Reamer nipples (T2, T6, simple and embedded)

Extension tubes

Sample extruders

Complete heads for double core barrels (with intercheangeable widia ring)

Core barrels wrenches

SPT Raymond Samplers

Shelby Samplers

Casings with 42CrMo threated tool joint (3 principles thread and rotation thread for soil investigations)

Casing shoes (3 principles thread and rotation thread)

Casing heads


Vice sectors (standard types or by sample)

Internal and external draws

Friction welded rods

Fishers for pipes and casings

Lifting rotation heads

Helical rods

Valved rods

Drag bits and roller bits

ZAMBONI COMPANY operates in Italy and European countries with accuracy and efficiency, trying to satisfy as better as possibile the customers’ needs.